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New Land Rover Auto Parts added this month
Soft Top Rail Handle      
Ref: MTC4581 / Price $12.95      
Application: Defender

Pin - Spring      
Ref: PA106201 / Price $0.45      
Application: Defender - use with handle MTC4581

Spindle - Hood Rail Handle      
Ref: MTC4583 / Price $5.95      
Application: Defender - use washer WC106041L and nut NY106047L

Spring - Hood Rail Handle      
Ref: MTC4584 / Price $2.75      
Application: Defender

Bracket - Soft Top Post      
Ref: 304301 / Price $7.95      
Application: Defender - To hold soft top post to body

Nut - Spiralok      
Ref: AL614011 / Price $1.70      
Application: Defender floor plates up to and including 2007 - uses bolt 320045

Hook - Drain Channel      
Ref: AFU4162 / Price $2.35      
Application: Defender

Station Wagon Upper Side/Alpine Light Seal - 4mm      
Ref: DBF500030 / Price $34.95      
Application: Series and Defender upper side light seal - vars aps - 1 meter long - 4mm glass - Use filler strip DBF500010

Differential Guard      
Ref: DA2250B / Price $49.95      
Application: Defender Rover Axle, Discovery I, Range Rover Classic - Double Bolt Clamp

Propshaft - Front      
Ref: FRC5566 / Price $139.00      
Application: Defender 90 and 110. All four cylinder engines up to VIN CA252578 - Shaft by Hardy Spicer


Propshaft - Front      
Ref: FRC8390 / Price $165.00      
Application: Defender 90 and 110. All four cylinder engines from VIN CA252579 to LA939975 for all 4 cylinder and then petrol only from MA939976 - Shaft by Hardy Spicer


Hub - Driving Member 24 Spline      
Ref: FRC5806HD / Price $59.95      
Application: Defender up to VIN KA930455

Adjustable Panhard Rod      
Ref: DA1110 / Price $99.00      
Application: Defender up to 2002, Discovery I and Range Rover Classic - Use on vehicles with a raised suspension - adjustable panhard rod to correct the axle position which will in turn maintain and restore the steering geometry. Comes with poly bushes.

Plastic Blanking Plug 50mm      
Ref: 338028 / Price $2.80      
Application: Defender Battery Box and Vars Aps

Blanking Plug - 1"      
Ref: 338023 / Price $1.60      

Application: Series (all), Defender, Range Rover Classic - Vars Aps