Update 6/12

  Second Rally November 2007  
  Another small gathering of like minded folk, plenty of carousing, food and a warm fire in the back field. Screaming down logging roads and enjoying a super sunset at the Chain Lake campground. Not a lot of photos though, sorry 'bout that. I did get some of one of the successful attempt at crossing the beaver dam out back, but that's all as enjoying myself to much to take more photos!  

  First annual rally October 20-22nd 2006  

The first rally here at the farm was a resounding success with 10 trucks and about 20 people participating. We had a great night run Friday night and some good mudding on saturday on the Passamaquoddy Reservation. After the englishman tried his hand at cooking pancakes and sausage we had a super moose meat meal and Indian bread donated by Joan Dana for Saturday evening. Next year we will hold a similar event but will be limiting the numbers of trucks to no more than 20. We had some great items to raffle from Allmakes 4X4 and from the Moreland Brewery which produces my favorite beer 'Old Speckled Hen'. Thanks for looking.